Julian Hanford - Artist

What on Earth are we doing?

This is the question that occurs to me again and again.  

After thousands of years of human civilisation we have constructed such an elaborate web of illusions that it is very difficult to perceive the truth of our existence and the real meanings of the highly valued symbols that perpetuate our collective delusions.

For many years I applied my creativity to the maintenance and promotion of human illusions, namely as a creator of commercial advertising images. 

What dawned on me a few years ago was that, personally, I needed to think more carefully about how to use my limited time on Earth and use those very same problem-solving techniques to expose these deceptions in all their ludicrousness.

I use photography predominantly as a medium because it is one of the most effective and mis-used mass communication tools we have ever invented. 

However, I am increasingly exploring 3 dimensional media to make the necessary points I see fit to make.

I use irony and humour in much of my work, as I believe it is the most underrated method of creating memorable impact. 

A knowing smile in the mind is my intention. 

My own inspirations are the work of the great surrealists, the popular art of Koons and Warhol, and modern ironicists, such as Shrigley and Creed.

Julian Hanford   
October 2017