Julian Hanford - Artist


My work flits somewhere between the infinite vastness of the universe, and the mundane day to day stuff that we love to fill our lives with here on Earth.

Only in between these two extremes do I see any fundamental truth. And I have lots and lots of questions.

My pieces are usually inspired by things that have seemed absurd to me throughout my brief tenure here as a human being.

Sometimes I find them funny. Sometimes terrifying. Often they are both.

The particular medium I use is irrelevant to me. Whichever has a resonance with the idea and underpins what I am trying to convey ends up being that which I use for a particular piece.

And if I don't possess enough craft skills in a particular medium to achieve the result I want, I collaborate with someone who does.

The end always justifies the means.

And the idea trumps the bravura use of technique every time.

Therefore expect painting, sculpture, model-making, found objects and all sorts of other stuff here.

However, I have a fondness for photography, because I am comfortable with the craft.

It is also the single medium that now dominates visual communications of every kind in our culture, so the twisting and distortion of its perceived parameters is more interesting to me than, say, painting.

If I start talking art bollocks, just stop me.

I am also not a great believer in categorisation – personally I reckon it is the bane of our civilisation, and certainly of our creativity – so I don't really know or care what genre or movement I am supposed to be in. That's for you to decide.

What I am interested in is making a connection and instigating a dialogue – if something that I do resonates with you then we are friends – kindred spirits on this chaotic and extraordinary journey.